Frequently Asked Questions

What is spotlight?


Spotlight is the world's largest online casting service. It is used internationally by casting directors and film producers to post castings. Spotlight is NOT a talent agency. All of our clients are expected to be represented on Spotlight. Without a Spotlight profile we are unable to put your child forward for casting opportunities.

Who can join the agency?

We represent clients from the age of 4 right through to adult. Each application is looked at individually and considered accordingly. Should your application be successful, please expect to hear from one of our team within the next 7 days. We also work closely with several stage schools representing their students and graduates - please do get in touch for further information.

Do I need a Portfolio?

An expensive portfolio is NOT needed to apply to an agency. Home snapshots are acceptable and please be wary of any agency that tries to sell you an expensive portfolio. If accepted on to our books, you will require professional head shots. However our photographer charges a very minimal amount and we will also accept your own head shots as long as they are of a good, professional standard.

What about attending auditions?

Most auditions are located in Central London and are often short notice. Auditions for young people tend to be scheduled between 4 - 7pm. You will need to be committed to attending auditions with your child as and when needed and will need to cover the cost of travel, unless stated otherwise. However we understand that there will be times when this may not always be possible.

For shoots that are held in school hours, we will need permission from your child's school before applying for a performance licence from your council borough. Our team handle all licence applications on your behalf with the client. 

How much work should i expect?

There is no telling how much work you will be booked for and it is important to know that the client chooses who to book for their campaigns and not the agency. No agency can guarantee work and are not reputable if they claim to do so. 

Some clients are highly successful and secure lots of work and others may not be so lucky. However we do work hard to ensure that all our talent are submitted for castings when they fit a particular brief. We are a professional company providing an honest service to all our clients; we want our talent working as much as you do!






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